1Secret Location Dining is taking diners places!
Be prepared to have your boundaries pushed, make new friends and create memories  while feasting in stunning surroundings.

The venues we choose are not usually available for dining or even accessible to the public.  It could be a private manor house, an orchard, a field on top of a cliff, or anything in between and beyond.  In any case, it’s going to be a special, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Secret Location Dining is more than “just” food. It’s about taking you on an exciting journey where you will only know the meeting point and, of course, the menu.  It’s about creating a bit of magic, telling a story, and making you an integral part of the event.

Congratulations on an excellent first event! Great food, good company, and “Cirque de Soleil” style entertainment!


Brilliant evening, Secret Dining, no idea where we were headed until last moment. Fab food, and the venue, we would never have guessed, the amazing facilities of Minehead EYE.